Why It's Important to Have Your Windshield Replaced

Windshields are among the most crucial safety features on cars. They play an essential role in proper airbag deployment, keeping occupants .

Why It's Important to Have Your Windshield Replaced

Auto Glass HammondWindshields are among the most crucial safety features on cars. They play an essential role in proper airbag deployment, keeping occupants inside during accidents, and supporting roof integrity during rollover crashes.

Cracked or chipped windshield repairs should be addressed as quickly as possible to maintain safe driving conditions and ensure optimal visibility for those behind the wheel. Even small cracks may worsen over time and present dangerous driving conditions.


Your windshield and windows play an integral part in keeping you and your passengers safe in your car, from protecting against road debris to helping ensure proper air bag deployment and occupant retention during accidents. As such, it's crucial that any damages be repaired promptly so as to maintain safety for all involved.

Modern vehicles come equipped with sophisticated safety features that do everything from keeping you in your lane to preventing collisions. However, damaged windshields or ineffective replacement can compromise these systems, so it is vital to find a provider committed to offering top-quality glass that adheres to manufacturer specifications.

Prior to scheduling an appointment, make sure your vehicle is prepared by removing all items that might fall off during repair work and shutting all windows. It is also a good idea to review your auto policy coverage to ensure any replacement work will be covered under it.


As soon as damage to your windshield occurs, it is crucial that it is addressed quickly. Even small imperfections can quickly spread into cracks that obstruct your view while driving - in many states this is also illegal! At Jacobs Low Price Auto Glass we can usually replace a cracked windshield within one hour with high-grade adhesives and epoxies suitable for any climate conditions and recalibrate any advanced driver assistance systems that rely on your windshield for proper operation.

OEM windshields that match the quality of the original glass will ensure a perfect fit and finish, giving you peace of mind that it won't leak or come loose over time. In addition, we will include any moldings or trims from your original windshield at no additional charge; replacing it quickly could save money in repairs down the line.


Your windshield serves to shield you from the elements while providing visibility when driving, but can become damaged through heat fluctuations, road vibrations and aggressive car door slams. Cracked or chipped windshields are both unsightly and potentially unsafe - thus making repairs as soon as possible vital for safe driving and avoid accidents from happening.

Select a company that uses high-quality products and installs your windshield correctly to help ensure ADAS features work as promised and improve road safety. They should even calibrate it per law to make sure it lines up with sensors on your car.

Hammond Windshield Replacement's professional team of industry specialists is committed to providing outstanding service and following manufacturer specifications and safety regulations when performing their work. Offering a full array of services and working with most insurance providers makes the process seamless for clients.


Once your new windshield is in place, it will provide important environmental protection for both passengers and yourself by blocking dust, sand and UV radiation exposure - making your journey safer for them all. In addition, improved air flow and reduced glare for driving visibility will improve safety on the road while saving from costly legal fees in the future.

When selecting a shop, ensure they provide a warranty for their services. This may cover related equipment like an ADAS recalibration; however, preexisting rust could invalidate this guarantee.

Trusted industry professionals offering Windshield Replacement Hammond provide comprehensive services, from helping with insurance paperwork and expediting the process to offering free estimates to expedite it all. Furthermore, these experts guarantee an enjoyable experience featuring quality products with fast installations as well as warranties to give clients peace of mind.

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